Some updates on things happening in the area. An entire pack of wild-dogs has been lost to rabies.

Pity, a non-endemic disease in Africa, (origin is Europe) has decimated our wild dog population over the years. Also things like distemper, cat flu & a host of other non-African origin diseases. Not only that, the gardener at Zoey’s school, Southern Cross, had a rough experience with a jackal, ended up with him being bit & the jackal dead, which also tested positive for rabies. Just beware, ANY MAMMAL, elephant to elephant shrew, can carry rabies & transmit via the salivary glands. Genets & civets, those critters hanging around your units, must not be encouraged to be there, should 1 bite anybody, it must be killed so a brain tissue sample can be examined for the rabies virus (attacks nerve tissue). A human has about a 72hr grace period after an infected bite for treatment, thereafter, in 99,99999% of cases, rabies is fatal with some horrendous symptoms. Please, we can all do without rabid members foaming at the mouth exhibiting hydrophobia (another archaic term for rabies, as advance-infected humans show symptoms which appear to be a fear of water). More recent scholarly-thought though, ascribes the hydrophobia to the mental confused state that happens because of the neural infection. I have witnessed similar hydrophobia-like symptoms here at Ntsiri, but not from viral infection, rather, an excess of that Scottish potion.